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Book / Chapter Publications:

  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Hindley P & Conn R) So You Want to be a Brain Surgeon? A medical careers guide 4th ed. Oxford University Press (in Press)
  • Chapter Editor Emotions and Behaviour of Lissauer’s Illustrated Textbook of Paediatrics 5th edition (2017)
  • Lead Author of “Psychiatry: Breaking the ICE, a textbook for trainees in psychiatry – Blackwells Publishers (2016) ISBN: 9781118557266
  • Chapter Co-Author: “Medicinema: Doctors in the Movies” by Brian Glasser. Radcliffe Publishing Ltd (2010) ISBN: 1846191572

Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals:


Book Reviews:

  • Conn, R  The Intentional Brain, Michael R. Trimble, John Hopkins University Press 2016 ISBN: 978-1421419497 British Journal of Psychiatry (April 2017)
  • Conn, R The Complete CBT Guide for Anxiety Shafran, Brosnan & Cooper – Psychiatric Bulletin (2013)37: 278
  • Conn, R Psychiatry by Neel Burton. International Journal of Culture & Mental Health, 2012 Vol 5, Issue 1, April 2012, pg 73-74

Film Reviews:

  • Conn, R  Mary & Max Journal of Medical Humanities (BMJ) 2011;37:64-65
  • Conn, R  Adam  Psychiatric Bulletin (2010)34: 77

Ballet Review:



Online Publications

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