Key Data in Young Peoples Health – November 2021

The Association for Young People’s Health produces Key Data on Young People. The 2021 edition is the first to be published as an online resource, in a new “Youth Health Data Hub”. It provides a wealth of data on different aspects of young people’s health and lives over recent years.

This ‘Overview and policy implications’ report accompanies the
Youth Health Data Hub and highlights the main themes and ‘take home’ messages.

KEY FINDINGS (from my persepctive):

  • Big fall in the number of Young People smoking cigarettes.
  • Big fall in the number of Young People regularly drinking alcohol.
  • Increasing inequalities in obesity.
  • Serious concerns about increase in mental health difficulties.
  • Increase in admissions for self harm.
  • Increasing suicide rate.
  • Teenage pregnancy rates continuing to fall.
  • Reduction in investment in Youth Services.

You can see the whole report summary here:

Published by Dr Rory Conn

I am a Child Psychiatrist working in Devon, UK.

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