Read here about the incredible new specialist childrens’ hospital being established in Cambridge. This is the Gold Standard that all paediatric settings should be aspiring to – full integration of body and mind.

“Tradition has always kept mental and physical care separate. Siloed off by specialisms, disconnected across wards, split between hospitals miles apart. There is an urgent need for a new type of care. Care which researches the links between the mind and the body. Which remove silos. Which pioneers integration across mental and physical health.”

“We’re going to turn healthcare as we know it on its head”

“Rather than moving the child to get the help they require, we’re going to bring the support they need to them. It will make their experience smoother and ensure they can access both mental and physical support from one place, without travelling between buildings and, quite often, hospitals. For conditions like epilepsy, where sudden anxiety can easily trigger a seizure, this streamlined approach can have a massive impact, letting young people focus on how to move forward instead of where to go next.”

Published by Dr Rory Conn

I am a Child Psychiatrist working in Devon, UK.

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