Talking To Children and Young People about the War in Ukraine

I have been thinking a lot about the ripple effects of a war in Europe, on the psychological safety of us all. Children and Young People perhaps more than others will be vulnerable to feeling anxious, confused and upset. Graphic and disturbing updates are only a click away online.

I asked some colleagues about resources available in this regard. Particular thanks goes to Ryan Lowe, Clinical Director of “The Therapeutic Consultants” who has compiled a list.

There are some generic links to begin with, then some specific to the current Ukraine conflict.

Information produced previously about war and international violence

How and when to talk to children about war, according to a parenting expert (Independent):

How to cope with traumatic news – an illustrated guide (ABC News, Australia):

Talking with Children About War and Violence in the World (Family Education, US):

Tips for parents and caregivers on media coverage of traumatic events (The National Child Traumatic Stress Network, US):

An article in the Independent on talking to children about Ukraine:

We should not hide from children what is happening in Ukraine (Schools Week/Children’s Commissioner):

How to talk to children about what’s happening in Ukraine and World War Three anxiety (Metro):

Help for families to talk to pupils about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and how to help them avoid misinformation (Department for Education)

Published by Dr Rory Conn

I am a Child Psychiatrist working in Devon, UK.

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