Read here about the incredible new specialist childrens’ hospital being established in Cambridge. This is the Gold Standard that all paediatric settings should be aspiring to – full integration of body and mind. “Tradition has always kept mental and physical care separate. Siloed off by specialisms, disconnected across wards, split between hospitals miles apart. There is anContinue reading “CAMBRIDGE CHILDRENS’ HOSPITAL”

Key Data in Young Peoples Health – November 2021

The Association for Young People’s Health produces Key Data on Young People. The 2021 edition is the first to be published as an online resource, in a new “Youth Health Data Hub”. It provides a wealth of data on different aspects of young people’s health and lives over recent years. This ‘Overview and policy implications’Continue reading “Key Data in Young Peoples Health – November 2021”


The role of Paediatric Mental Health Liaison teams 03 March 2016 Rory J P ConnBJPsych eletter in response to paper by Ford et al “Needs and fears of young people presenting at accident and emergency department following an act of self-harm“ “I would like to thank the authors for producing the most significant (and accessible) paper that IContinue reading “BRITISH JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY (eletter, 2016)”